Some mighty fine meals have been produced in the kitchen at the Crossroads. My mother-in-law, Sarah Windham, was known far and wide as a fabulous cook. One of my most treasured possessions is her recipe box. Below are photos of my mother-in-law, her mother, and myself, all in the same kitchen.  The decor has changed, but not its function: to provide satisfying meals for our family’s enjoyment. I’ll post some of those delicious recipes for you to enjoy, too.

 Click on any of these recipes to read more about them. Happy Cooking!


  1. susan flowers says

    Hey Jane ,I am the lady who use to clean for Sarah . The house looks beautiful. Would love to go to come over one day and look at the house. Sure do miss Sarah, I spent a lot of time with her over the years. She always called me Sue. glad to see that you all are in the house. Take care

  2. Sherry white says

    Jane ,I love all your pictures! You are so talented and definitely hard working!! I love all the stories that go along with your pictures. Are you selling any of your veges this year?

  3. Julie Smith says

    Your Caprese salad loosk wonderful. Would you share the recipe? Thanks… I love your blog; it was recommended by Paul “Farmer King” Nelson in Givhans, S.C.!

  4. Ruthie Cooper says

    Recently retired and “lost” your email in all the craziness here. Glad to be back with your inspiring blogs. YOU 2 are just the BEST!! Hugs to your precious family. One day I’ll drop by for a visit and see y’all in action. :)

  5. Margarette Mills says

    So enjoy reading all you’ve done! Faye told me how wonderful the Veterans Memorial was & how hard everyone worked! Thanks for al you do!

  6. Dwight Merwin says

    I have copied some of your recipes and am looking forward to making them. Thank you so much for them and this great site. The garden,house and all has been very interesting.

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