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All Things Creative-Pumpkins and Gourds!

by Jane Windham on September 20, 2014

Over 50 decorating ideas, recipes, and crafts involving pumpkins and gourds | Cottage at the CrossroadsIn just a few days, it’s officially going to be fall! Are you ready?

The All Things Creative Group is back with a bonus edition of All Things Pumpkins and Gourds! We’ve looked into our archives and found over 50 decorating ideas, recipes, and crafts involving pumpkins and gourds, and we’ve put them all together here so you can find them easily.

But first, let me introduce you to my team.

All Things Creative groupThey are from top to bottom, left to right

Domestically SpeakingA Little ClaireificationDebbiedoo’sThe DIY VillageCreative Cain CabinThe Happier HomemakerRedhead Can Decorate,

 On Sutton Place, me, and Tried & True.

You guys know that we grow both pumpkins and gourds in our garden, right? Well, in case you didn’t, here’s a post I did last year about our little experiment in growing white pumpkins.

All About Growing White Pumpkins | Cottage at the CrossroadsThis post will tell you all about how to grow white pumpkins, just in case you decide to grow some of your own one day!

 white pumpkins | Cottage at the CrossroadsAnd you can see how I used some of those white pumpkins in decorating last year in our post White Pumpkin Reflections. Some of the pumpkins were used at a wedding, and some of the seeds that I saved are growing in the garden right now.

painted cheap plastic gourd | Cottage at the CrossroadsNow, I know we can’t all grow our own pumpkins and gourds, but we sure can make those cheap plastic gourds and pumpkins look a lot better by painting them. See how to get this finish by reading my post How to Burnish Cheap Plastic Gourds and Pumpkins.

Gourds in Window Boxes | Cottage at the CrossroadsOver the summer, some decorative gourds grew in our garden, and I tucked them into these window boxes to give them some fall flair. You can read all about it in the post Using Gourds in Fall Window Boxes.

dried gourds | Cottage at the CrossroadsAnd just recently, I polished these up and used these Gourds on Our Fall Mantel.

So, if you’re ready to find more inspiration for using pumpkins and gourds, just click on any of the links below!


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Gourds on our Fall Mantel

September 19, 2014
fall mantel 2014

Today there is definitely a change in our weather signaling fall is near. So I got busy and changed up the decorations on our mantel. And ever since I found these old, dried gourds at the auction, I knew I’d be using them on our fall mantel. The one on the left is a dipper […]

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Using Gourds in Fall Window Boxes

September 10, 2014
fall window boxes

It’s beginning to look like fall around the Crossroads! These are some new window boxes that I recently planted, and I plopped in some gourds that we grew in our garden over the summer. Instantly I had some fall window boxes!  But first, I have to tell you where these window boxes are. About a […]

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Using a Dremel is a Hoot!

August 31, 2014
wooden owl

Can you believe August is over and fall is just around the corner? Even though it’s still hot as blazes here, Leo and I have completed our first fall project, and here he is! It’s Mr. Hooty Hoot! He has perched himself here on the front porch and is lending a little fall flair to […]

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All Things Fall

August 26, 2014
All Things Fall

Can you believe that summer is almost gone and fall is just around the corner? There was a little nip in the air this morning, and it really put me in the mood to do a little fall decorating. And to provide you a little fall inspiration, the All Things Creative Group is bringing you […]

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Green Tomato Relish

August 20, 2014
green tomato relish

I have a really, really good recipe to share with you today! It’s been over a week since I made this green tomato relish, but I wanted to do a taste test before I put the recipe on the blog. It’s just a point of pride for me to only give you what’s truly good! […]

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Homemade Spicy Pickled Okra

August 14, 2014
spicy pickled okra

Do you love pickled okra but hate to pay grocery or specialty store prices? It really is so easy to make yourself especially since okra is so plentiful right now. And let me tell you, we have plenty of it growing in our garden! We have about 20 plants and for the past few weeks, […]

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Paypal Cash Back to School Giveaway

August 7, 2014

It’s that time of year when a lot of people are getting ready to go back to school. And it can get EXPENSIVE! Last week Leo and I took 3 of our granddaughters back-to-school shopping. By the time we’d bought supplies, clothes, shoes, and new backpacks, we had spent a lot of money! But we’re […]

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Sausage and Cheese Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

August 3, 2014
sausage and cheese stuffed jalapenos

Are you looking for an appetizer with a little kick? These sausage and cheese stuffed jalapeno peppers are so savory and are plain addictive. Every since our friend Lisa showed up here at the Crossroads with some of these, we’ve been making them since. The difference between these and the more traditional cheese stuffed jalapeno […]

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