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Outdoor Christmas Decor

by Jane Windham on November 22, 2014

Outdoor Christmas Decor at Cottage at the CrossroadsLeo and I have been really busy for the past few days working on our outdoor Christmas decor. When we start decorating for the holidays, we always start on the outside first. This year, we had to replace all our outdoor wreaths that we hang in the windows. The ones we used for the past 5 years had faded so we made a trip to Carolina Pottery in Columbia during October in order to purchase 20 new wreaths. We wanted to put something just a little different on the wreaths this year but couldn’t decide exactly what until Leo spotted some small red bivouac lanterns in a discount store. And we came home with 20 little red lanterns that day.

Leo from Cottage at the CrossroadsA few days ago during our cold spell, Leo fluffed all the new wreaths and wired the lanterns into them.

Lucy eyeing the new lanterns | Cottage at the CrossroadsLucy was by his side, as always, and was eyeing the lanterns. Glad she didn’t think they were toys!

lantern boxes | Cottage at the CrossroadsUnfortunately, he discovered several black and blue lanterns in some of the boxes and had to return them to the discount store. Luckily, they had more of the red ones. 

outdoor wreaths on sofa | Cottage at the CrossroadsAnd the new wreaths hung out on our sofa for a few days until it warmed up enough for us to hang them outside.

Jane from Cottage at the CrossroadsYesterday was a bit warmer so I worked outside to attach ribbon to the wreaths. Of course, we had to stop when we realized that the red velvet ribbon that we had already purchased started splitting from the weight of the wreath. So we ran to Taylor Garden Center in Florence to get some sturdier ribbon. 

Outdoor Christmas Wreaths | Cottage at the CrossroadsLeo and I worked as a team. I attached the ribbon to the wreaths and he climbed up on a ladder to hang them from the nails. 

Outdoor Christmas Wreaths | Cottage at the CrossroadsThis all sounds easy but Leo had to do a little trimming of the shrubbery just to get the ladder between it and the house. 

new Christmas wreaths | Cottage at the CrossroadsAnd making sure they are all hanging at the same height takes a bit of time as well. 

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the CrossroadsBut we finally got them all hanging on the house, my mom’s apartment, and the storage buildings. 

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the CrossroadsA very traditional look for our country cottage. 

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the CrossroadsWe couldn’t wait until dusk to see how the lanterns would look. They are battery operated, and we have no idea how long the batteries will keep them lit so we may have to go around the house replacing batteries at some point during the holidays. 

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the CrossroadsBut that’s ok because this is how they look at night. 

Outdoor Wreaths with  Red Lanterns | Cottage at the CrossroadsI just love the little red lanterns!

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the CrossroadsHere’s how they look on Leo’s shop. 

red bows on white fence | Cottage at the CrossroadsToday we attached new red bows to the white fence surrounding our house. 

address gign | Cottage at  the CrossroadsWe started adding red bows on our fence five years ago when we first moved here, and we continued to use the same ones each year. But this year they needed replacing, as well. Five years seems to be the magic number for outdoor decorations. 

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the Crossroads

The bows continue all along the fence in front of the house as well as the side. 

Red Bows on White Fence | Cottage at the CrossroadsAnd they continue down this section of fence that’s in front of our garden. That’s a lot of bows, people! Luckily, I was able to find some really nice, pre-made ones  at a good price at Carolina Pottery in Columbia, SC.

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the Crossroads

Bows and garland-a very traditional look here at the Crossroads!

Outdoor Christmas Decor | Cottage at the CrossroadsSure enough “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!”


Jane from Cottage at the Crossroads



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