• Wooden Garden Sign made with a Dremel
  • Outdoor Dining Area in the Garden
  • Evolution of a Garden
  • Asparagus Strawberry Salad with Orange Balsamic Dressing
  • Easy Spring Centerpiece with Green Ball Jars
  • Vegetable Garden Tour


waterfall and pond | Cottage at the Crossroads

Waterfall Reveal and a Giveaway!

Here it is! The reveal of our DIY garden waterfall! This post is going to be a little heavy with photos, but that's what you've been waiting for, right?  I just can't explain how delighted we … [Read More...]

building a garden waterfall | Cottage at the Crossroads

Building a Garden Waterfall-Part 3

Hi everyone! I'm back with Part 3 of our series of how we built our garden waterfall!  If you remember in Part 2, Leo got the stones stacked and the water flowing to the waterfall. I just can't … [Read More...]

Leo from Cottage at the Crossroads

Building a Garden Waterfall-Part 2

OK, let's get started with part 2 of building a garden waterfall. If you'll remember, in part 1, we decided where to put the waterfall, dug our hole, and went and picked up our first load of … [Read More...]

Leo preparing the hole for a water feature

Building a Garden Waterfall: Part 1

Building a garden waterfall is one of those projects that halfway through the process, I said to myself, "What was I thinking?" But when the project was completed, I said, " WOW, that was definitely … [Read More...]