Ruffled Burlap Valentine’s Wreath

Ruffled Burlap Valentine's WreathI made a Valentine’s wreath yesterday, and since I already had a white ruffled burlap wreath, I decided to use it as my base.

ruffled burlap wreath I had made this wreath last spring, and the directions for making a ruffled burlap wreath are here.  First, I removed the lemons and the yellow flowers from the wreath.

ruffled burlap Valentine's wreath

 I decided to make a burlap envelope to hold some of my recently made fabric hearts. I used embroidery thread to stitch the envelope together.

ruffled burlap Valentine's wreath I  found that I could only tuck one of my hearts into the envelope, and then I embellished it with some lace, a paper tag, and a little key that says LOVE that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.

ruffled burlap Valentine's wreath And since nothing says Valentine’s Day more than classic red roses, I added these little felt rosettes that I found at Hobby Lobby, too.

ruffled burlap Valentine's wreathI just spaced them out on my wreath. The rosettes do come with a little sticky back, but I hot glued them to my wreath.

ruffled burlap Valentine's wreath This wreath was simple to put together, and before I knew it, I had a romantic and festive wreath to welcome any guests to our home during the season of LOVE!

It takes more than lace and ribbons

And lovely verses too

To make a Valentine that’s nice enough for you

It takes a world of special thoughts

Tucked into every line

And that’s exactly what you’ll find

Inside this Valentine.


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  1. says


    That is such a beautiful wreath. I like the envelope you made as well. Anyone stepping up to your door is bound to feel special! :) I’ll have to check out the instructions.

  2. says

    Hi, You have a beautiful blog, I came across to you as I was blog hopping today.. Love those beautiful (no need for sewing machine) hearts.. I adore these Burlap wreaths…, Joined you blog mailing list as to not miss any future posts! Have a great Sunday… Hugs May x x x

  3. says

    Brilliant idea to use a wreath you already had! I need to get my porch decorated…my NOEL door mat and green wreath are still out there. Pretty sad! Maybe I’ll do that today. It’s totally freezing here and the wind is gusting up to 50 mph. Welcome to January in Ohio. Happy Sunday Jane!

  4. MariaElena says

    Jane, your wreath is so beautiful! Great idea and inspiration. I am going to go see your tutorial right now on how to make the burlap wreath. So pretty!

  5. says

    This is such a cute wreath, Jane. I also wanted to let you know that you inspired me with your adorable little stuffed hearts. I made a batch and will be including them in a post next week. Where o where is a “copycat” party when you need one? lol!


  6. Pat C. says

    How clever and resourceful you are, Jane!! I love all of the Valentine’s Day touches on the “new” wreath–like so many others here, especially the envelope with the heart!♥



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