Pot Holder Plant Stand

Hello everyone! Leo and I have been working on several projects lately, and we finally have this one ready to show you. It’s our pot holder plant stand, and we’ve placed it on our back deck to welcome everyone who comes to our home. I don’t know about you, but our friends come to our back door, and this area needed a little sprucing up after this summer’s heat.

This project all started when our friend Faye was having a garage sale. She asked me if I was interested in 2 of these tall wooden stands. She had used them years ago at her daughter’s wedding. So I definitely said yes that I wanted them, even though I wasn’t sure at the time what I would do with them.

Well, that was a few months ago, and I finally figured out what I would make with one of the stands. I asked Leo to cut the top off them to make them a little shorter.

I asked him to paint one of the stands green so that it would match some of the other painted items that we have around our home and yard. See, even the picnic table is painted this same color.

 In the meantime, I painted some terracotta pots with colors that will work with some fall colors.

Before I put some soil in the pots, I placed a coffee filter in the bottom. Got that idea from Pinterest recently!

Then I planted some ivy and a few other plants that needed repotting into the painted pots.


Now, how many of you have seen this photo on Pinterest and you wondered how someone mounted those pots on that fence? Well, I have the secret!

 Here it is! These are some pot holders that I found at the spring flower show at our local farmer’s market. I had purchased some a few years ago, and they work very well and last forever. So I bought some more this spring. If you’d like some of these pot holders, let me know, and I’ll send you the information. (I’m not getting paid to endorse these, I’m just telling you about a product that I’ve used.)

Here they are mounted onto the wooden stand.

See? Anyone can attach them. Ok, I’ll admit it. Leo did that part for me!

I also decided to paint this old sign that used to hang by our back door.

We also purchased a plastic cap to put on top of the stand where the top had been cut.

It dresses up the top and the screw is for hanging the newly painted sign.

And here it is beside the old chair that we turned into a chair planter.

You can see that the color matches our bookcase plant stand that’s on the deck.

Here’s a close up of the sign that hangs on the stand.

This is what people will see when they come to our back door. You know how one thing leads to another, don’t you?

Well, I think I’m going to stain the deck and paint the handrails soon. And you know that other stand that I haven’t done anything with yet? I already have plans to turn it into a plant stand for the front porch!

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  1. Deb says

    Jane and Leo, I just enjoy everything you share! You are a highlight in my day! Your home, your family, the wonderful time you share with your granddaughters, your beautiful granddaughters competition surfing @ Folly, your gardens, your canning, your recipes….thank you!
    I was so happy for you two for your getaway weekend to a boat on the coast.
    We are so blessed to live in the South!
    Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. says

    Hi first I love your red glasses I have been wanting red glasses and have to have an eye dr appt soon I was wondering where you got them from I am not in your area but maybe they are from a national chain. I am so glad I found your blog- through someones twitter account I look forward to following your adventure your animals are adorable and I really like your new plant stand. Please feel free to visit Ewe Creek Cottage

  3. Faye says

    Delighted to see that something associated with a special time in our lives has been enhanced and is now part of your lovely happy home.

  4. says

    Very nice, Jane! You look so do it yourself with your drill. :)
    We just bought some of the solar caps for the tops of our porch posts. I was dubious, but they are great and inexpensive too!
    I would like to know about the pot hangers too. I wonder if they have them for larger pots.
    I see you have diamond frost in one of your pots.
    I love it, deer and drought resistant and can be planted early here as it tolerates the cold. We can’t plant annuals until May 15 here in NY.

  5. says

    Fabulous! I have some of those brackets. I got them at a garden shop downtown. Haven’t used them yet. You have given me a great idea. Thanks for sharing. Ginger

  6. Paulette says

    Jane, You & Leo are amazing. That plant stand is a great idea. Love the color combination. Can’t wait to see what you do next.

  7. Nan traylor says

    Hi, I love your site, and all the projects you show! I would love the info as to buying the plant holders I already have several places for the plant poles! Be well..Nan

  8. says

    Well, your back entry certainly looks inviting, Jane! That is such a great idea you came up with for the plant holder. I keep forgetting to use that coffee filter trick when I repot plants, & it’s such a clever idea, too! You looked so cute with “drill in hand!”


  9. says

    Well I just love that! This is my first time to your blog, I found you through Google+. I’m going to enjoy reading through your blog today. Thanks for the tip on the coffee filter. Mary

  10. says

    Adorable plant stand Jane! I love your combination of colors~ your sweet potato vine is thriving in the heat and looks great against the orange chair! My pots are so tired…I’m ready to pull everything out and plant fall but it’s still too hot for violas!

  11. Linda says

    I am really enjoying visiting your blog today. You and your hubby did a great job with the plant
    stand. It just makes you want to come sit and visit for awhile.

  12. Linda says

    Someone posted your idea of decorating a tree stump…I have a very tall stump that I would love to see covered in flower pots, along with my birdhouses. Could you please let me know where you found the pot holders so that I could purchase a few? Thank you!

  13. debra says

    I would like more info about the potholders and where they can be purchased. This was a beautiful project. I love it. Thanks, Deb

  14. Heather says

    Please, please, please let me know where I can get some of those plastic pot holders!! I saw a similar project somewhere, but cannot locate the holders. I’m dying to use these in getting my herb garden vertical!

  15. Gerry Riethmeier says

    I love the pot hooks. Where can I get them. Thanks so much. Your place looks so homey.


  16. says

    Soil preference is also important. A pot filled with rosemary, bay and thyme should contain a sandy, sharply drained soil mix that mimics the Mediterranean conditions these plants prefer.

  17. Zellie Calvert says

    I would love to make the Pot Post. Please send me info on where to get the pot holders. You did a great job on that and the chair!

  18. says

    Great display, lots of colour really brighten’s an area up. Can you please tell me where I can get the plastic pot plant holders. I can use them on a fence Or a wall to brighten our place up. We have not seen them here in WA.
    Congratulations on a great job
    Larry & Isabell Lydon
    10 Dunsborough Lakes Drive
    WA 6281

  19. Ruth says

    I would love to have info about the plant holders. Could use them for a garden wedding in August. Thanks. Lovely site.

  20. Ralph says

    please send me info on where I can purchase the pot holders (looks like heavy duty plastic) that attaches to posts and rails

  21. Julie says

    Hello ! Love the pots on the fence, and the wonderful pot stand you made. I would really
    like the information on the plastic hooks, so I can purchase :) Thanks Julie

  22. Denise says

    I love your ideas, thanks for sharing them. I have been hunting easy and reasonable projects for my yard. Being on a very limited income makes it hard to purchase already made items. I love making my own too, so your ideas inspire me to get started again.

  23. Arlene says

    Your porch looks AMAZING! I am always trying to give my neighbor “home made” gifts for her garden/home and I would love to make her one of these plant stands. Please share the info on those plastic pot hangers!

  24. says

    Gotta Have it. I can see you are going to inspire me and cost me money. :) Would you pleas send me information to purchase the post holders. I can make these so hubby won’t delete you from my favorites. Actually I don’t think he would have a clue how to even get on my computer as we have his and hers. I am so glad I have found your blog, It will help me decorate the shop and my home.


  25. Linda says

    Love the plant stand with the pot hangers. I have been looking for these hangers for a long time. Could you please send me the info on where I can purchase them. Thanks…

  26. Dianne says

    Hi Jane,
    I fell onto your website via “It All Started With Paint” and with each click of a link, I’m becoming more and more inspired. I looove your website!! (consider me a new follower).
    Do you mind sending me the info on the hooks you used for your plant stand? I think that is one project I see myself finishing sooner than later. In the meantime….just hope you post often as you have me hooked!!


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