Pool Noodle Kitchen Wreath

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been invited to a pool party. But a requirement to attend the party is that you have to bring your own pool noodle. You know what a pool noodle is, right?

Here’s my noodle! Actually Leo’s brother Jim had this one that he let me have. He had cut it to cover some wires of some sort. I didn’t think that it would matter that my noodle was split. So I took it. I was ready to party!

Oh. Did I tell you that I had to make a wreath out of this noodle in order to attend the party?

Well, that was easy. I just formed it into a circle and used some packing tape to secure it together. But then I had to decide how to decorate it. I had been inspired by Shannon’s creations that you can see HERE and HERE.

I really didn’t want to spend any money in making my new wreath, so I started looking around our little cottage and realized that I had some extra fabric left over from when I made these kitchen curtains a few years ago. And since our large chalkboard in the kitchen makes the perfect place to put a wreath, I decided to make a kitchen wreath to coordinate with the curtains.

And here it is, with a little vintage flair!

To make this wreath, I cut the fabric into three 36 inch long strips that were about 5 inches wide.

I used more of the packing tape to secure the fabric to the noodle. Then I started pulling out other things that I had on hand to coordinate with the black, white, and green theme. I attached this vintage pastry blender with a ribbon.

Found this old bottle opener with the same shade of green on it.

I did buy this little wooden sign at Hobby Lobby this past week. It was on sale for $2.99! It came with a base on it, and I removed it so that the sign would sit inside the wreath.

Once I removed the base, I realized that it would make a great chalk holder.

So here’s the wreath in the final form. Oh, do you want to see those little flowers that I added?

I made them from some unusual ribbon that someone had given me, and then I added some green pompoms that I cut off some trim that I had. In retrospect, they look a little like boob flowers!

Here it is hanging above the stool that sits underneath the chalkboard.

I should have written you guys a little message on the chalkboard!

I’m ready for the pool party which is June 20. I’ll add the link so that I can take all of you along with me to the party!

EVERYONE,  get your noodle on!



  1. says

    I like your wreath Jane and it was really smart how you gathered up the decorative parts form items you already had. Love the color combo!

  2. sue frazier says

    sorry for the blip above! What a cute idea! Now you have me thinking about other ways to use a pool noodle! Thanks for the instructions…the wreath looks so cute!

  3. says

    We’re thinking alike! Sa-weet =) This is next on my list of wreaths to make – my noodle is yellow :), just trying to decide on the style and material to use! Love your black and white theme! Check out my old steering wheel cover now covered with burlap 😉

  4. says

    Oh that is just so cute! It was clever to use the pastry blender & bottle opener. I’ve been working on my noodle too. Noodle-mania is about to begin! 😀

  5. says

    Jane, I would say you sure used your NOODLE on this one. I love the black and white with your green walls .I had seen the noodle pool party but didn’t think I could do anything. Is everyone supposed to make a wreath?
    I really love your kitchen and the color scheme. I would like to show my kitchen but I have oak cabinets. I have gotten the feeling that nobody like oak cabinets but me.
    BTW I am pinning your wreath.

  6. Jean Windham says

    I think this is my favorite wreath you have made to date. It really looks great on the chalkboard in the kitchen. Love the kitchen tools as a decoration for the wreath. Great job…..

  7. says

    I think I’m in pool noodle wreath heaven! I just adore your creation! So fun with your vintage accessories. And the fabric and the Home sign … and how cool is it that the base is perfect as a chalk holder? Don’t you just love when things just come together so easily?



  8. says

    I love it Jane. Yesterday, I saw a woman walking out of Aldi with three or four pool noodles. I bet she is making noodle wreaths. I haven’t tried this yet.

    We gave away the pool noodles at the lake in our urge to purge this Spring. Big mistake. When Drew was there he said he needed one for the pool. I could have made a wreath and still had one leftover for Drew.

  9. says

    I’m not sure I can get it together to join this party but I’m sure going to try. Love the black and green. Your vintage kitchen utensils are pretty cool too. If I don’t talk to you again before you leave I hope you and Leo have a fabulous time at Haven. I so wish I was going…maybe next year. Enjoy the weekend. ~Ann

  10. says

    Adorable wreath Jane! I love colors~ I have a thing for B&W with green and your cheery kitchen colors~ How great you got a bonus chalk holder out of your welcome sign too! I had to chuckle at your boob flowers~ that wouldn’t have occurred to me but now that you mention it I have to throw my two cents in and say that one is an a and the other a c cup :) Happy Father’s Day!

  11. says

    I know I already had a peek at this 😉 It turned out so super cute. I LOVE the black and white and the kitchen goodies!! Thanks for linking up =) Somehow, the party is showing up on your blog too? I’ll have to check that out… Debbie shared the code. and is out for the evening.

  12. says

    Love it! I really love the green, white, and black color combo. Your chalkboard is awesome and your wreath looks great on it. Oh, and those “boob flowers” are great, too! :)

  13. says

    Oh my goodness. Do you know how perfect that would look in my green and black kitchen exactly as is? I have pinned it and must flatter you by imitation. I really love this one.

  14. says

    Girl! You rocked that pool noodle! I love it with the wreath and I think my favorite part is your new chalk holder! I hope you feel as clever about that as I think you are (clever that is)! And did you know I have a thing for those green handled kitchen doodads too?


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