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business card pouchHello everyone! Leo and I are back from the Haven 2013 blogging conference and we had such a good time. One of the things that bloggers do at conferences is to exchange business cards, and I had found this cute, little pouch to carry ours in. It was just the right size, but more importantly, it had this wonderful quote about friendship on it.  So I thought I’d recreate it for you too as a printable.

printable about friendshipClick here to preview and print.

friends from Haven

One of the most awesome things about attending a blogging conference is that you reconnect with other bloggers that you’ve met previously.
new friends from Haven

And you also meet some new friends, too! Leo and I love all of our online friends, so I created this printable for ya!

friendship printableClick here to preview and print.

Leo and Jane at Ryobi partyIt’s so much fun to see our friends at Haven, but it’s also great to socialize with some of the sponsors of the conference. Here are the Ryobi girls who made sure everyone had a good time at their party!

Dream braceletBefore the conference, I had purchased this new bracelet to wear to the conference.  Haven is all about helping make dreams come true. I ran across this quote of John Lennon’s and I thought you might like a printable of it, too.

dream printableClick here to preview and print.

With all our Haven friends and our dear readers, I never feel that I’m dreaming alone.  Together we can make all our dreams realities!

8 Bloggers~24 PrintablesAnd speaking of friends, these ladies have also created some new printables for you this month.

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    I would love to go to a blogging conference! How do you find out about these conferences? Are they open to everyone? They look like so much fun! Have a great week.

  2. says

    It was so nice to see the both of you! I think this is such a sweet idea to do for your readers. Thank you for sharing these free printables. I always love waking up to you in my “inbox”. XO! Rebecca

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