Don’t Hesitate to Irrigate

I made the decision to get water to every plant in our garden this year. Last year I put an individual drip line to all of our tomato plants, and the results were fantastic. For the rest of the garden, the majority of the spring and summer were spent hand watering. Life’s too short to do that again.

With the encouragement and help from my brother Jim, we decided to install permanent irrigation pipes to all the raised beds. I dug the ditches and

laid the pipes.

Jim did the plumbing.

We put one of these in each raised bed.

We found out last year how quickly the soil in the raised beds dries out. So this should make watering easier.

We thought it would take about 3 hours to do this. WRONG! It took us about 3 days and a lot of sore muscles.

Now I can put an individual drip line on each plant inside the raised beds. By the way, all the experts will tell you that it’s much better to water at the roots rather than overhead.

I went ahead and laid out the rows for the rest of our garden. Now we’re ready to plant.

But wait a minute. I need to take a break.

Sorry, Lucy. You’re not allowed in the garden any more. You move my hoses and dig too many holes.

After all this work putting in our irrigation system for the garden, there’s trouble with my well pump. I’ll get it fixed. It’s always something, isn’t it?

Live from Windham’s Crossroads,


  1. says

    That’s for sure! As soon as one project is finished something else needs tending to! (smile)
    You will be so thrilled not to have to hand water this year. That is too big a job. Your drip lines look great, as I know your garden will!

  2. leo says

    Thanks Ro! Wouldn’t you know, we had 2 inches of rain today. We won’t need the irrigation for a few day. It will give me time to get the pump fixed. Life is good.

  3. says

    Well…you deserved a break after all that work! Hope you had plenty of snacks and refreshment. That always makes work go better, I think. Are you sure it was Lucy causing trouble because she looks too sweet to do anything naughty. That was an ambitious project but you will be very happy when you don’t have to worry with watering all the time. Jane will be happy when you bring all those gorgeous veggies to her kitchen.———- Shannon

  4. says

    Wow Leo- I’m so impressed that y’all did it yourself (with Jim’s help! what a nice brother) I still have your post from last year about building the raised beds saved for Dan as that’s a Spring project on “the list.” Lucy’s just helping you dig holes for all your seeds;) Sweet girl!

    happy weekend to you and Jane!

    • leo says

      Good luck with the raised beds. Lucy is a sweet girl, but the seeds don’t need to be planted 3 feet deep!

    • leo says

      Thanks Helen,
      Stay tuned for our next exciting project…what’s it going to be? Whatever Jane asks me to do.

  5. says

    OMG, Leo, I had to crack up when I saw the little sketch image of you for the signature. It is just adorable and simply perfect. Loving the garden spot. I am going to make a huge garden this year, and was planning on just using soaker hoses, but may have hubby do what you did. We have all the equipment for digging, so it would be easy to do. Great job and fantastic post:)

    • leo says

      Dawn, the character was done for me by a political cartoonist. I used soaker hoses the first year but I wasn’t satisfied because they delivered the water unevenly.

  6. Jean Windham says

    Leo, I am impressed with the irrigation system. I am sure both you and Jim were very tired after those three days of work but you will enjoy the benefits at harvest time. Good luck and great job. Lucy looks like she is guarding the entrance. Jean

  7. sue says

    Wow, what a great system! Can you stop over and install one in my garden??? Can’t wait to see the progress as your garden grows!

  8. Janice Owen says

    As a homeowner myself I do know ( projects) what you are talking about. Our job is never done. 1 thing after another. Love it though, except when it is 105 outside. Irrigation is something I want to do when the finances get better. A lot of Prayer has also helped.
    My garden was over taking by mushrooms ( I think it was bad dirt), not to sure though I only got 1 tomato and 1 bell pepper. your gardens look Fabulous.Keep up the Good work

  9. Dwight Merwin says

    Leo could you tell me what the actual size of the raised beds are that looks great and with the posts at the corners you can raise your beds a little at a time. Thanks for all the good stuff you and your wife have placed here for us new people to start a garden.
    Dwight Merwin and Dianna

  10. Diana says

    Love your setup. What type if emitters (gph) do you use and what is your watering schedule for your tomato plants. It gets pretty hot here in northern Calif (90-100) in the summer and I’m always afaid to overwater.


  1. […] guys don’t know that Leo and I have over 80 tomato plants in our garden. And thanks to his irrigation system, they are still producing tomatoes despite the extreme heat and dry weather that we are […]

  2. […] Another tip is that you must water your tomato plants regularly and consistently. Our first year, we had a lot of tomatoes that split open because we didn’t understand the importance of consistent water. When they looked dry, we gave them a whole bunch of water and then we wouldn’t water again for a few days. And when we got tired of watering with a hose, we turned on a sprinkler! We didn’t know that watering overhead splashed soil born diseases onto the leaves. Yikes!  So in the above photo, Leo and his brother Jim are attaching the drip heads to the irrigation hoses that we’ve started using in the garden.  This system gives the plants water at their roots. You can read more about installing a drip system in Leo’s post Don’t Hesitate to Irrigate. […]

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