A Rainbow of Painted Plastic Pots

painted plastic potsThe sun finally came out today which gave me the opportunity to paint some plastic pots to put in our garden. I don’t know about you, but I’m craving some color after days and days of  rain and grey skies.

raised bedsI got the idea to paint these containers from one of our readers named Missy. After seeing this photo showing the pots that we placed at the end of some of our raised beds last summer, she wondered if they could be painted.

painted pots in the garden The containers are black, plastic pots that some trees came in from a local nursery. I think they are 5 gallon size.

painted pots in the garden So a few weeks ago Leo’s brother Jim started spray painting some of the pots. After he put a few in the garden, we decided that we were going to have a whole rainbow of colored pots in the garden. It’s all part of our plan to make the garden as beautiful as possible.

painted pots in the garden So today I was able to get outside and paint a few more pots. I used Rustoleum’s Ultra Cover 2X. It’s designed to bond to plastic.

painted pots in the garden I painted about 2 inches down into the inside of the pots. We’ll be able to plant some spring flowers and lettuces into the pots in just a few weeks. I have no idea how these painted pots will hold up in the sun and rain, but right now they are adding some color to our garden.

blooming quinceIn our yard, the quince bush is blooming. I love its beautiful shade of coral.

blooming forsythiaAnd the forsythia bush is blooming. I’ve always heard that you should prune your rose bushes when forsythia blooms, so I hope the weather cooperates this week so that I can get that job done.

How about you? Are you adding some color to your world, too?

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  1. Pat Peele says

    Love the colors of your pots!when I lived in Bishopville,I had some painted with cheap spray paint that lasted 4.5 years before they looked a little shabby- chic. Good luck with the garden.
    Miss getting plants from Al.

  2. michelle says

    I can’t get over all the green in your yard. Send some our way. We just have mud after our snow storm. Like the color of your pots..

  3. says

    Jane~ What a fun way to introduce color! Your quince & forsythia are beautiful! I’m wishing I had some to cut and bring indoors~ I’m craving color AND sunshine too :)

  4. says

    I just love the Quince bushes. I’m wondering if the one we have will ever get any bigger. It blooms each and every year. Blooming right now and yet is still only about two feet high! Love the painted bucket idea.

  5. Robyn says

    Love the painted pots! I have a couple of those same pots I use to mix & store soil…..think I’ll steal your idea so they look a little prettier!!!

  6. says

    I am so anxious to get outside, but I have to put on my boots and slosh around here. More rain today and tonight! I hate to complain-will probably be another drought this summer.

  7. Missy says

    They look so nice! It is still cold here in Delaware but looking at your pictures makes me hopeful that spring WILL come. :) Maybe I’ll paint some pots for the deck this year.

  8. says

    Seeing all your green grass and blue skies makes me long for spring. We are still buried in snow here, so planting time will not be soon. I am so enjoying seeing your garden, I think I need to borrow Leo for a while to get my garden looking as great as yours. Is he wanting a trip to Michigan by chance??? Are you planning on filling your colorful pots with flowers or veggies?

  9. Marti says

    Love your new pots. Can’t wait to see your garden up and going. I’m lucky that I’m nearby and able to drive by your beautiful garden. Love, love, love! You and Leo take care.

  10. says

    How cute are they?! I love your colored pots … so happy! I hope your Spring weather arrives soon so you can prune your rose bushes and get ready to enjoy a beautiful garden!

  11. says

    I’ve never heard that about pruning roses when the yellowbells bloom, but it makes sense! I need to trim back my roses hard this year, but it’s such a prickly job! Must enlist my husband to do it! :)

  12. says

    Hi Jane, your garden is always something serious. Our forsythia hedge is blooming now but not as well as last year. Our camellias are blooming as well. Thanks for the visit. xo, Olive

  13. Jean Windham says

    What a great idea to paint the ugly pots a nice spring color. I remember throwing them away but this achieves to goals for the garden color and function. I am with you we need some sunlight to brighten our days. Thanks for sharing your ideas for a spring garden. Jean

  14. says

    I know you’ve not started planting yet, but I am in awe of your garden.

    How do you manage such a large garden? Our single garden bed whipped my rear last year, but we did enjoy all the veggies it provided us.

    Will you be my gardening coach? I definitely need to read up on all your gardening posts to learn how to make mine more fruitful.

  15. says

    Oh Jane…I am so envious of your pretty weather and colorful pots! What a great idea to paint those black pots. I loved seeing your forsythia too. We are no where near having any blooms so I can enjoy yours instead. Hope all is well with you and Leo…have a good weekend!

  16. says


    I love your painted pots! What a cute way to add color to the garden…..and that cute little scarecrow? Adorable!


  17. says

    Hi Jane!
    Your forsythia and quince are lovely. We lost ours back in 2011 when it got so hot here and burned everything up.
    Your raised bed look plentiful! I was hoping to add to ours…and then at the last minute, the Honey wanted to try planting straight to ground. We’ll see how this goes. I think I still have time to move the old boxes up to the front and get some dirt in them…we’ll see.
    This may prove disastrous for us! We’ve had pretty good success with the raised beds, don’t know why the sudden change.

    I think those pots are cute painted up…I bet they will do wonderfully for lettuce.
    take care now…Pat

  18. Wanda says

    I love your site! One question: could you tell me the purpose of the taller 4x4s in the corners of your gardening squares?


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