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Welcome to Crossroads Radio

Jane and I created this radio station to offer something different on our blog. We’re streaming music live 24 hours a day and it’s free!


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This is music we like. It’s Beach, Boogie, and More.

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What is Beach Music?

To put it simply, it’s anything you can shag to.


What is The Shag?

The Shag is the official state dance of South Carolina. It developed along the coast of the Carolinas during the 1950s combining some fancy footwork to upbeat rhythm and blues music. Take a look here at the 2012 Pro Division National Champions.



What is Boogie?

It’s a style of blues piano playing characterized by an up-tempo rhythm. It’s happy music that makes you want to move.


What is More?

That simply comes down to any music that Jane and I like. If we like it, we play it. You never know what you might hear. After a 38 year career as a radio announcer and  an honorary member of the Shag DJ Hall of Fame, I feel comfortable hand-picking the music you’ll hear on Crossroads Radio. By the way, I’m training a new DJ. Her name is Jane and she’s pretty good.

DJ Services

Well, after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to start doing DJ work again. (Parties, Corporate events, weddings etc). I’ve teamed up with my friend Herb Thompson. He has over 30 years experience and so do I. It’s what I do. ( Entertain folks) If you have ever been to a party I’ve done, you know. I’ve missed it and now I’m back. We have a killer sound system and lights and over 100,000 titles in our song playlist We can handle any size event. No matter what the occasion, I promise you the best party you have ever had. So, if you would help me pass the word, I would appreciate it. We will do parties from the midlands to the coast in SC. If you want a price or secure a date, contact me. Here’s my email address:

I’m back and looking forward to working with you.


    • Leo Windham says

      Thank you Roberta. You are one of the first to listen and we appreciate it. We are building an audience one listener at a time.

    • Leo Windham says

      Thank you Kathy. Since you still listen to the podcast, we go back a long way. Help us pass the word and thanks again.

  1. Myrtis Knotts says

    Leo, in the words of my 5yr old grandson when gets something he really likes. “Now that’s what I’m talking about”

  2. Annie Thompson says

    What a great listen–have not turned it off since it was posted to my FB page around 10 PM–brings back many, many memories from the years past (late 50’s 2 present). Keep the “happy” music streaming for all 2 enjoy–your listeners will be many in just a short while as the word is passed around. Your selections have been excellent–no surprise w/ Leo@ the helm & Jane standing by his side. Congrats & much success w/ your new endeavor!

  3. Mike Lloyd says

    Great job on the music Leo. You and Jane have done a great job on the website and something the both of you should be proud of. Now before I head to work, one question for you? “What you talking about down there?” Have a great day.


  4. Faye says

    What a great way to start my day–beach, boogie and blues plus Leo and Jane! Love you both and the fact that you are at the “Crossroads.”

  5. Ellen says

    Hi Leo and Jane. Have enjoyed your website and now with the addition, it seems “beach Billy” has found a new home. Congratulations. Job Well done. Miss not seeing you both. consider yourselves hugged…….. Ellen

  6. Robert McKenzie says

    Glad to hear you on the internet. One of my saddest music days was when you, Woody and the crew left The Breeze. Glad to hear you, Jane, beach, boogie and more on the air waves. Great tunes and the best of luck to you both. Thanks.

  7. John Bevis & Lucreita Becude says

    Well, Leo, ya made it down to Jacksonville, Florida. Both Lucreita and I remember you guys from the Charleston days. ISC & CSC were our hangouts and of course North Myrtle Beach. Ah, those were the days, Love the music and have bookmarks on both computers now. Please keep it going we love & miss it a lot.

  8. Angi Pleasant - West Columbia, SC says

    What a great station! I listen to it all day at work and will be blasting it all weekend at the house! Many thanks to you and Jane for this gift! Please pass along my love and a big ol’ hug to Beach Billy. We sure do miss him! ๐Ÿ˜‰


    • Leo Windham says

      Hi Angie,
      Thanks for the comment and for listening. Please help us pass the word. By the way, Beach Billy is accepting all hugs, especially from you sweet young things.

  9. Janice Coppersmith says

    Hi Leo and Jane, I just tuned into your radio station today. It is amazing, my favorite music so I’ll be listening as often as I can. Thank’s and Happy Saturday!

  10. Al Stiles says

    Hey Leo and Jane,

    It’s 10:30 at night and I am just wrapping up an evening working on my book. I’m listening to the stream and you can’t believe how it helping to break though some hard obstacles. One of my favorites is “Louisiana Fairy Tale”. Haven’t heard it yet. Have been spreading the word. Thanks to you and Jane for what you’re doing. Please remember me to Woody.

  11. says

    Leo & Jane,

    WOW! This sure brings back some memories. Does Johnny Carson ever call in on the Heavenly Hotline? (: Best wishes to you both! I’ll spread the word in Mount Pilot.

    Play something I like!

    Rob D.

  12. melissa b says

    Hi ,
    I lived in Pawleys Island for a few years. Now Im back in northern Ca. I have fond memories of working at Franks and hanging out afterwork with my friends and dog. This music cant be found anywhere else. Thanks. May all of your endevers be blessed. mel b.

  13. arch nobles says

    wow, didn’t know you had this site. this is great. read your crossroads site often but missed this. i remember you and woody doig a few shows at dons in 5 points back when i woned it (1982-1988) always enjoyed you guys, especially beach billy. will make this my station, good luck guys and god speed
    arch nobles

  14. says

    Hey, Leo, thanks for telling me about your radio station. I love it! That old music is the best, I’m going to click over here often and have it playing in the background. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, you and Jane are the best! xoxo

  15. Grace Smith says

    Hi Leo,
    This music is great, I been listening to you and Woody since the 60’s. When ever I am on the computer, I have this playing in the background. I LOVE IT! Thanks, Grace

  16. says

    Jane and Leo, I’m enjoying your music station and highly recommend it to everyone! It’s terrific and fun music! And there’s many, that really bring back great memories!


  17. Patricia Sams says

    I just found your station also, and it just fits the bill. Have you and Jane on my desktop.
    Keep the music going. My brother is Uncle Shag. Thanks to you both.

  18. Patricia Sams says

    Love your station. Have it on my desktop so I can play it daily. Thanks to you and Jane.
    My brother is Uncle Shag and we both love music. Thanks to you both.

  19. Herb Matthews says

    Leo: Great to know you’re still keeping the music alive! Heard about you from Columbia Shag Club newsletter.

  20. Carolina Elliott says

    Great tunes! I think my first name speaks for all I love about these songs! Love it! All the memories! Thanks!

  21. Shelby Jean Pleasant says

    Supa! Supa! Looking good Leo and Jane. Reminds me of music on WCLA in the 50’s when I was a teenager. Been listening to you and Woody for many years.
    Man, them collards look good. Thanks for your recipe. Jean Pleasant

  22. Shelby Jean Pleasant says

    Supa! Supa! Looking good Leo and Jane. Reminds me of music on WCLA in the 50’s when I was a teenager. Been listening to you and Woody for many years.
    Man, them collards look good. Thanks for your recipe. Jean Pleasant

  23. Bob Matthews says

    Great Stuff!!!!!
    I really like the selections you guys play!!
    Keep up the good work.
    Sometimes it’s hard to find a really good DJ who plays the smooth songs, vs the old honky tonk stuff. So, keep playing the smooth stuff and I’ll keep listening.
    Bob M

  24. Homer Fesperman says

    Leo — dang — sure miss seeing you.. We (Linda and I) are still at Lands End and you got out of here without our seeing you. Lemme hear at Need to get together and talk. You’re doing a great job. h

  25. says

    Leo, my brother, I love hearing you on the radio again. What a great thing to find you on the web playing this great music. I knew I was in the right place when I logged on and heard a beautiful shag song that I’d never heard in my entire South Carolina life. Man, we had a good time when you were in Charleston. Love ya. Hi to Jane.

    • Leo Windham says

      Hi Ken,
      It’s great to hear from you and thanks for your comments. Jane and I keep up with you on your blog @ You’ve still got it and we always enjoy your story telling and insights to the way we all live.
      After all, you in Allendale and me in Lamar, were all Baptized in Sweet Tea” I’m still a big Ken Burger fan.
      Thanks for listening to Crossroads Radio

  26. Beverly Deyton Gravley says

    Getting my daily dose of Crossroads Radio…loving the music…I, too, grew up listening to Leo on WNOK…the big NOK…glad I found Leo and this station…keeps me in touch with my South Carolina roots, while I’m living in Georgia….I’m a Carolina Girl!

  27. Beverly Deyton Gravley says

    Thanks for playing “Carolina Girl” this Saturday morning…best in the world!…i’ll be W. Columbia bound this afternoon to visit my mom…this Carolina girl’s coming home.

  28. Sarah Murphy says

    Love this music – thanks for bringing it to us! Love to shag! My sister taught me – she learned at OD in the 50s and was 8 years older than I – said, now Sarah THIS is the real shag! 60 minute man, etc .

  29. says

    Leo Windham, a SC radio icon! I remember the Windham Brothers show with Leo and Woody. You and your brother were probably the reason I majored in Broadcast Journalism! When I listen to your station I am wishing it was on FM heere in Columbia. Thanks for the memories! Bless you and Jane!

  30. Wanda Goodson says

    Listened to your station today for the first time and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kept it on for several hours this afternoon. Thank you so much for bringing back so many memories with your music. (And taking request too!) Reminded me of my teenage years. Keep up the great music and preserve it as long as you can. Thanks again.

  31. says

    Leo…just found your station…Twilight Lounge revisited…thanks for helping to keep the faith and keep the music alive. Listening this snowy morning from Stronghold Gym…Steve.

  32. Steve Donovan says

    Love the music, Leo. Through Sissy Baker I found your station. Glad she shared it with me……….It’s awesome! :)

  33. Betty Derrick says

    Leo- just found your site via Facebook- Live in Charleston and have missed you and Woody since good old radio days down here! So glad to know that great music is available. Best wishes with all your endeavors!

  34. says

    U are something else. I bookmarked your station and have beach boogie, and blues any time I’m on the computer. I am from Lake City, and back in ’95, I used to call U and Woody at the Breeze. I had to go in the hospital back then, and y’all dedicated an entire morning show to me, , and mailed the tape of the show to me. I dubbed the entire show onto a CD, and it brings back fond memories, and it was really nice of y’all to do this for me.

  35. says

    i think I met you guys years ago at tne first and best Weejuns, david and roddy’s fun place. this music is lke walking through weejuns, with your shagging shoes on. I am passionate about my beach, this station is the best. great mix. I have emailed site to many of my old hs friends in Kingsport, tn. can you imagine how many smiles you are putting on folks throughout. thanks. to you both.

  36. Lisa Mathis says

    Hey Leo!! Love listening to the station!! Miss you guys…Tell Jane Hey for me and hope to see you guys again soon!!

  37. Mike Loney says

    You scared the heck out of me, I couldn’t log on to Crossroads for a couple of days. I thought something happened and you pulled the plug. Whew, I don’t know if it was on your end or mine but we can’t let that happen again ๐Ÿ˜‰

  38. Donald Parnell says

    Hi Leo —Long Time Since We Spoke ,Glad To Hear You Playing Some Good Old Music –There Is A Person ,,Dennis ,That Puts A Lot Of The Old C&W Music On Facebook ,I Listen To It about every Night –Now I Have Two Stations To Listen Too —Thanks.

  39. Louie Moore says

    My brother Joe is in the hospital due to an auto accident he had with a tree while coming home from work Wednesday afternoon…. Need to hear something that will cheer him up and me also, love him man, he is my brother


  40. Dave Ruddle says

    “Rock me like my back has no bones and roll me like flower dough!” What descriptive lyrics! Keep on rockin’ Beach Billy! I’m enjoying listening to your Crossroads. Do you ever your other character voices? Andy Rooney, etc.

    • Leo Windham says

      Hi Dave (Rockin Roddy). I just started doing some live shows and to answer your question, yes I do plan to start doing some character voices. Andy Roony is a good idea. Thanks for listening.

  41. Louie Moore says

    Leo how many listeners do we have now or are you keeping count?? I can find some more for you if you’d like……….

  42. Leo Windham says

    I just know that our audience is growing every day thanks to folks like you. Yes, help us pass the word.

  43. Randy Hodge says

    Just found out about this station (from: Larry McKay, Mr. Lucky, in Cayce)
    Missed listening to you and Woody, have followed you for a long time.
    You got lots of fans here in Columbia/Irmo!!!!
    Keep-up the good music, we love you!!!

  44. Louie Moore says

    Leo, I hate to bring this up to you but do you realize that these songs are the same ones we were listening to back in the sixties and for some reason they sound just as good now as they did while cruising around that parking lot up there on Main Street known as Doug Broomes Drive In and if I had to say so the food here at the house is a little better tasting because this food is cooked with love, no wait a minute, it is cooked with something else but she adds a lot of love when she does cook the food….Went in the Coast Guard for 22 years and was very surprised to come home and hear you and Woody still on the air and have been a big listener every chance I get…Retired from the work force also, so got lots of time on my the music and the reason I hate to bring it up to you is that I know you are as busy as a one armed paper hanger

  45. Louie Moore says

    Leo I think I missed the directions to the Crossroads Coffee Shop, could you please repeat…Oh never mind…. I’ll just put it in my GPS and I’ll end up some where, it has gotten me lost more than once…….

  46. says

    Leo great job! Love the music . Your neighbor Mr. MacDonald told me about your radio show last month. We turn it up loud so the kitchen help could listen ! They work with a smile!Thank you and we miss your smiling face ,come see us sometime!!

  47. Sam Sweeney says

    Jane and Leo;
    Love Crossroads Radio – Listen every day – has almost replaced XM/Sirus.
    My wife heard a song that sounds like Tom Jones with lyrics “shame for the things that you do.”
    We have not been able to find to add to our music collection. Any help?
    Sam and Patsy Sweeney

    • Sam Sweeney says

      Leo, this is Sam again. I just heard the “Shame ” song play at about 7:05pm on April 17.

      It was the last song in set just before a break at 7:08, where you said “Welcome…..”
      It was not Tom Jones. Patsy really likes and would like to add to our music collection.
      Thanks in advance.
      Sam and Patsy

  48. says

    Thanks to all of you. You are making my day! How could anyone feel down when listening to these sounds?I have found myself shagging in the house and yard! Now if you could just find a good partner for me to dance with sometimes. LOL

  49. Frank (Tez) Cortez says

    Leo/Jane, first of all, thanks for inviting me into FB, and secondly, affording all of us that grew up dancing, to such exciting music doing the “Shag”! You have remained very loyal to your Industry through all these years, and here you are again! No doubt that you and Jane will enjoy continued success……………great music!! By the way, that video of that marvelous couple doing the shag, brought tears to my eyes………so much reminded me of me!!! hahahaha Will pass the word around!


  50. Mark and Pam Plemmons says

    So glad to find this site and know what you two are up to. Your story sounds so much like where we are right now….just haven’t gotten through to the other side yet… in the midst of big changes that we know God is orchestrating. Please be in touch!!

  51. Angi Pleasant says

    Leo!! I’m loving that you and Jane play Robin Thicke with the BB&B!! It’s my favorite boogie’g song!!! :))))

  52. Johnny Nash says

    Leo & Jane

    So glad I found your station. Great music from two wonderful people (yes Leo I included you in the “wonderful” category). Haven’t seen you in a long time – hopefully we will cross paths soon. Keep up the good work and again thanks for the music. I can’t get enough.

  53. Roger Allen says

    Leo, It was great to listen to the Crossroads the from Atlanta to Columbia yesterday and back this morning,an enjoyable change to cookie cutter radio! Supa!

  54. Barbara Johnson says

    Finally found the Windham family. Years ago I taped music from :The Breeze: Beach, Boogie and Blues. at Awendaw,SC. At that time I was living on James Island,SC. I am originally from Folly Beach,SC and grew up shagging and listening to the music you all play. Back in the nineties Leo and Woody taped a program for my husband who was living in Lecompton,Kansas. We were both taking care of elderly parents and were living apart at the time. I wanted him to be familiar with the music I grew up with.Thank you for all you do.
    Barbara Johnson

  55. Sharon Hancock says

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done to bring us “Crossroads”.The new scroll just perfected it! I always enjoy my listening time here.

  56. Jimmy Henderson says

    Great to hear you on the air again!!
    Gone are the days of the Woody With The Goodies “Hoparoonies” and the magic of the 60’s but you are certainly doing a marvelous job of bringing the memories back.
    I am in Charleston and also remember your Oldies 102.5 days..
    Good luck, great job, rock on!!

    Jimmy Henderson

  57. Bill Jordan says

    Glad to have found you and real music again Leo. Thanks for feeping it alive…Where is Beach Billy??

    • Leo Windham says

      Glad you found us Bill. We’re playing the music we all love. Beach Billy stops by from time to time. Thanks for listening.

  58. Al Stiles says

    Good Afternoon Leo,

    Good to hear you on the air. Do you think you could play Louisanna Fairy Tasle?

  59. Betsy Haltiwanger Egan says

    Leo, glad to see you back into the music. I look forward to more good listening. Thanks for playing my favorite!

  60. Elizabeth Kirkwood Sliger says

    Thank you, Leo!! I’m listening in Florida!!!! Think of me you know……yay! Todd!

  61. Donna Wright Nunamaker says

    So tickled to hear you on the radio again Leo! The Columbia market has forgotten us “old timers”… Obviously you knew that bc you’re just what we needed! As a former advertiser with you and Woody for many years, I can truly say you’re a treasure to us all!!

  62. Jim Nunamaker says

    Great to hear you on a late spring evening out on the deck after barbque and drinks.

    Me and Donna are grateful that we found you!

    it’s like old times!

    Jim and Donna

  63. Jane Wyndham says

    This is great! Now I know the person playing the songs. Look for a thank-you in the mail. So enjoyed 0ur day together. Anything by Neil Diamond would be appreciated.

  64. Angie Mann says

    I FOUND THE MUSIC! Loved The Breeze. Miss it since it went off the air. Thanks for sharing the beach, boogie and blues with us again. Only one problem – don’t want to turn it off.

  65. Cathy Moring says

    Just heard you mention Augusta is listening . This is my kind of music and I’ll be tuning in everyday. Thank you so much!

  66. Daphne says

    Just letting you know that this Native Texan loves your music choices and wishes she could shag. At least I can watch someone else do it. Thanks for lifting our spirits.

  67. says

    Beach Billy Lives!!!!!!!!!! Love it, Leo. Listened to you guys in Columbia way back when. Best stuff ever on radio. Thanks for resurrecting our favorite character. Your pal, KB

  68. lynn westbrook says

    Great Radio Station? Love the Oldies But Goodies Beach Music!!
    Is this available on the radio. what channel?

  69. Larry Fowler says

    Got the e-mail address From Jimmy G. Like the sound and the old times. Good Luck.
    Let’s play some GOLF. Larry

  70. Ethel J Johnson says

    Leo, I doubt that you remember me but I know you. I went to Lamar and grew up in Oates, I am the younger sister of Robert and Allen James. I did not realize that you lived in your old home.

    Where have I been hiding, tonight is the first I’ve heard of your station and I am already in love. I have a 33 yo son who loves beach music and he has a 12 & 4 yo that love it as well, actually they love some CCR and a variety of music. I have shared this on FB so hopefully you will get even more listeners.

    I loved your Christmas decoration “HOE,HOE,HOE” so cute. I am impressed with the creativity of you and your wife.

    Thanks, Ethel James Johnson

  71. Louie Moore says

    OK I am just showing up for this party and I am not sure if Speedo has been around but if he hasn’t , he needs to show up


    I sure am remembering “THE BREEZE” now that I’ve discovered the “COTTAGE”. Seems like old times. So glad that we finally have some music worth listening to. welcome back to the world.

  73. Robert Boswell says

    Leo, I love you brother. You have no idea how much I’d enjoy a 2 hour lunch with you. I’m gonna drop in the homestead one day and take you two to lunch. God bless you both. I can hear live Beach everywhere where I live in the heart of North Myrtle Beach. I’m singing in less than an hour. My son and I do a lot of stuff and I’m the king of Kareoke here! Love ya bud, always will, Boz

  74. Tracy Hefner says

    What a great way to start my Sunday! Just found you guys. Thanks for this site and for sharing my favorite music of all times.

  75. Vickii says

    Loved theBreeze when I lived in Myrtle Beach and have missed it so much. I found you about a month ago and cannot turn you off!!! Hooked you up with my relatives in Titusville Fla. They would listen to you driving to Kannapolis NC until they would’ out run you’. We are so happy you are on the air once again!!!! Love, Love , Loving you here in Kannapolis NC. Brings Myrtle Beach and Ocean Drive back to me…sand in my shoes…keep on playing and shaggin’..

  76. Cathy Bell Teague says


    You have done a wonderful job on this. I just stumbled on it today while playing on line. You are now in my “favorites” so I can listen any time and all the time. I just love seeing what you have done to the old home place. Every time I go back to Lamar I am tempted to stop by and say “hi”. Would love to meet your family. Good luck on a job well done. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  77. Alan Goldsmith says

    Listening in Michigan. Enjoy the station and first heard you and your brother doing radio on The Breeze. Keep up the great radio! Thanks.

  78. Faye Griffin says

    Fourteen years ago today, you played similar music at our daughter, Lucia’s wedding reception. You did a great job then just as you are doing now. Hope you are not as hot now as you were that night. Love you and Jane bunches and so glad you are at the Crossroads.

    • Leo Windham says

      Was it 14 years. Wow…… Seems like yesterday. Thanks for listening
      Faye and thanks for your continued support. My best to Lucia and family.

  79. Pansy Howell says

    Hey. I’m a first time listener. Glad to know that you’re there. Enjoyed it so much! I’ll be back!

  80. Terry Jackson says

    Live in Iowa. Lstening and loving it. They don’t play music like this in corn country. Just 2 choices. Country and Western. BOTH ARE UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!!!

    You have quenched my thirsty ears. Thanks

  81. Jeanette Blackman says

    OMGosh…………….I have been missing listening to your,and Jane’s, music………I was formerly Jeanette Stancil that worked for Piggly Wiggly Corporate’s office. When I first heard you and Woody on the radio you were in Francis Marion Forest…………..I was immediately an avid follower!!! So glad to learn that you and Jane are still at it. Now…….teach me about Streaming!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!

  82. Janet Edge Clauss says

    Hi, I now live in Jersey and NO ONE knows how to do this type of dancing. Philly dancing was different in the day and couldn’t come close to DC (although they tried) — American Bandstand and all!! I’m from the DC hand group and absolutely love shag. Just a tad different from the DC hand dance but shag is actually fancier. Your music is soooo perfect for all hand dancers. Thank you for sharing. Jan

  83. Charley Holtzclaw says

    Have you streaming on my PC to back porch for last 6 hrs. Love the music. Thank you from a 70 yr old shagger who learned at the Pad when I ws 13. Am an old Kannapolis boy stuck in Greenwood, SC since ’80. How do I like you on FB? Can’t find the “like” button, lol. I am Charley Ancel Holtzclaw on FB. Posted today telling all my friends about your great music. Take care, have a Blessed weekend, and keep the beach, boogie & blues coming in loud and clear.

  84. Judy Dawson says

    A friend just told me about this station over the weekend. FANTASTIC!!!!
    Love all the great music you play. After the first few songs I am hooked and have been
    spreading the word.

  85. Gwen Backman says

    Love the music. Went to OD over the week-end, and this makes me feel like I’m at Fat Harold’s on the beach instead of back in Columbia. I can almost smell the ocean and feel the sand at my feet…. Love it!!!

  86. Danny G. says

    Glad I found this site. I have missed hearing your voice and the good music you have always played. I like Kathy F. still have most of your podcast on my Ipod. I have also shared your site on Facebook. Hope all is well with you and yours. Do you do any DJing anywhere other than on the internet?

  87. says

    We absolutely love your music! Brenda & Charley Holtzclaw.. How can I get you on Facebook so I can tell all my friends? If you are on FB please friend me at Charley Ancel Holtzclaw. If not, I will send out another post telling them how to get you online. Thank you for the great music from two old codgers in their ’70’s who have been shagging since the ’50’s. May God Bless!

  88. says

    Hi Charley,
    Tell your friends to go to Facebook and search Crossroads Radio. Ask to join the page and I will accept. They will be able to keep up with what’s going on. Thanks for helping us pass the word about Crossroads Radio and thanks for listening.

  89. sarah conyers murphy says

    Enjoying the music tonight. If you get a chance, would you play “I don’t know why I love you, but I do” by Clarence Frogman Henry. thanks!!!!!

  90. says

    Sorry Leo, did not realize you were taking requests with names in title. Will try again next week for “Aw Shucks”. Site continues to cut off on me, and I have to X out and rejoin site. Oh well, the music is worth it!

  91. says

    You can’t imagine how much pleasure you have given me through your website. Cherry and I moved to North Georgia in 2004 and we miss all the folks from all the shag clubs. I miss you guys something fierce, but we are adapting to north Georgia. We have thousands of pictures and videos of our friends shagging at the club and at Pivot’s and Myrtle Beach. I will be coming to Charleston soon to promote my new book “Lethe” “The Life and Times of Dr. John de la Howe.” He was a Charleston Surgeon during the American Revolution. When the war was over, he moved two hundred miles north after amassing 2600 acres of land. Upon his death in 1797 he left the land to be used as a manual training school for poor boys and girls. Cherry and I both graduated from there in 1962. The book is all about Charleston history during the Revolution. Even if you lived in Charleston all your life like I did, you will learn things you didn’t know. May God continue to bless this station and again, Thanks for the memories.

  92. Myrick(MIKE), Hedgepeth says

    Glad I found this today…………….I’m from Charleston,S.C. and live out in So.Cal. now, miss my beach music, southern food, people and those beaches……………hearing a lot I never shagged too, but great music…………….thanks!!!

  93. Ken McCurdy says

    Kicking back with you this afternoon in Titusville, Fl. Yes, the word is out and I’m sure you both know it ain’t stoppin til you do…..and please don’t ever. Cousin Vickii from Kannapolis passsed it to me and we continue picking up “fans” for you. Used to catch you on my way up and back 95 as long as I could. Thank you both.

  94. R.W. "Buddy" Howard Jr. says

    Really like your “groovin'” Beach Music. I have y’all posted prominently on my Facebook page. I have been shaggin’ and drinkin’ beer down at OD and Myrtle since high school, about 45 years ago! Fayetteville Senior High, Class of ’67. Native of Sanford, N.C., where I am now. Thanks for the great music! Best wishes!

  95. Bobby Wilson says

    Bobby Wilson (843) 568-2299 I’m living in W Cola in a house I grew up in I’ll send the rest of story later

  96. larry mckay says

    i really enjoy this shag music. have shared it with many of my shag friends here in SC and friends up in Kingsport, Tn. Doing my part to spread the music we shaggers are so passionate about. Thanks

  97. says

    Leo, I really like that new one you are playing called, “I Got My Eyes On You”. I don’t know who it is by. I have a new website called, When you log in you can click on ,”Cottage At The Crossroads”, and it goes directly to Jane’s Blog and starts with your radio page and starts playing the music automatically . When you get to the website please leave a comment under,”Contact”.

  98. Buddy Schwacke says

    Thanks Leo for finding a way to keep our music playing. Fantastic site, if it takes web cast, Facebook etc to do this so be it. Have already forwarded your link to my kinds. They may have missed the good ole days but at least they can still hear it. Thanks again and keep the music playing.

  99. Pat H says

    Love finding your station. How do you select what to play? Hook, Chris Beachly? Just curious. Hope I didn’t insult you. Great find!!

  100. David Cov says

    Last weekend went to sleep both nights plugged up to my Bose headphones tuned into C@C
    The best I have ever heard …….pretty work

  101. Dave Ruddle says

    Did you know that sometimes trumpet player with Dilbert is noted South Carolina fine artist, Randall McKissick? He painted the nostalgic Rush’s poster.

  102. Louie Moore says

    I am thankful to have the opportunity to listen to this station whenever I choose and also thankful for the chance to say I served with the best units that the Coast Guard could ever have and have my chance to serve this nation….And thanks to the Vets who have served before me and serving now…..Thanks for being there for us Leo……….Louie Moore

  103. Baby Ruth & Dr DC says

    Glad to hear you still broadcasting. I’ve been busy with Dave since I retired (where I listened to you regularly) and haven’t heard you for a while. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your family and friends.

  104. Ray Merritt says

    Leo you the man. I listened to you and Woody when y’all was wearing dresses on Bill Boards around Columbia…haha…Then I listen to y’all down in L A, SC., It was all great music you all played. Last I heard Woody mention you had become a farmer up there in W. Crossroads. I tell you one thing, this is a great radio station. We don’t have anything like this in Columbia any more. Keep up the good work and the wonderful music you are playing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your wife. Tell Beach Billy Hello and Supa…….

  105. james mchugh says

    Hello Leo,

    When I was starting to drive I listened to The Breeze in Columbia, SC. They were playing great songs I had never heard anywhere else. ‘Savannah in the Rain’, ‘Rough Side of the Mountain’, ‘Laying in the Alley’ and so on.

    Years later I was looking for beach, boogie, and blues on the internet and found your podcasts. I was happy to find them and played them nonstop for a long time.

    Now it’s years later again and I am so happy to have found your site.

    Thanks for all the hard work.
    It is appreciated.

  106. Cathy Moring says

    I just pinned y’all to my board “Simple Pleasures” and it is a pleasure to listen while I’m on the computer!

  107. Karen Minnis says

    Was listening this morning and thought I heard “Beach Billy”. Does he ever visit the Cottage at the Crossroads and make an appearance on Crossroads Radio? Ahhhh, the nostalgic sounds of a blessed life!!!

  108. Larry says

    As a long time fan of Leo and of Carolina music, I’m really loving the station. Glad to have found it thanks to a friend that told me about it. Thanks Sharon Nesbitt Hancock!

    • Leo Windham says

      Thanks for listening Larry and tell Sharon thank you for passing on the news about Crossroads Radio

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