Color at the Crossroads

We love color here at the Crossroads.

You know, one of my favorite songs when I was a teenager was Color My World by Chicago. Well, I must have taken the lyrics seriously because I’ve always had to have color in my life! So I thought I’d show you a few pictures of some colorful things here at Windham’s Crossroads.

This spring I painted this old chair orange and filled it with colorful flowers. I used Barcelona Orange by Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and it has held up well in the heat and the rain. I didn’t even wax it so that tells you how durable the paint is. Beside the chair is an old bookcase that I painted green last fall.

The color is Bella Mint by Valspar, and it’s the same color that we painted our Adirondack chairs a few years ago.

We used the same color on the exterior doors of Leo’s shop and my mother’s apartment.

This color has become our signature color around our house and yard. This is the arbor that’s in our flower bed that is in front of our vegetable garden. ┬áNow I’m thinking that we need to paint our screen door on the front of our house the same color. What do you think?

My sister-in-law Jean, who lives next door, loves color as much as I do. Look at her gorgeous window boxes!

They are full of beautiful blooming plants and greenery.

These window boxes face west, and it has been a hot and dry summer in South Carolina this year. Are you wondering how she is able to have such beautiful boxes in the middle of summer?

Here’s the secret! Her husband Jim ran a drip line up to the window boxes, and he connected it to their irrigation system in the flower beds. What a difference it makes to get regular water to the plants. Jean also believes in regular fertilizing with Miracle Grow and it shows!

While we’re over at Jim and Jean’s house, I’ll show you the most recent wreath that Jean has made. It’s this beautiful, peacock wreath made from another pool noodle. You may remember Jean’s Fourth of July pool noodle wreath.

Well, she’s done it again-made another awesome wreath with a pool noodle! She used materials she already had on hand. She actually used the peacock and the ribbon on a Derby hat this year. Sorry I didn’t get a photograph of it before she took it apart.

Here’s a closeup of the ribbon. She got the ribbon and the peacock at Hobby Lobby.

Look at the brilliant coloring on the feathers! Did I mention that we like color?

Jean has since moved the wreath indoors, and she hung it on the china cabinet in her dining room. The colors in the wreath coordinate perfectly with the colors used in there.

Yes, we love color around the Crossroads, particularly the colors found in nature.

I’m joining Kelly at her All About Color Linky Party. Won’t you join me?


  1. says

    Jane – your house, Leo’s shop, your sis-in-law’s flowers & wreath … you are one color loving family!! Love that green on your chairs – I think your screen door would look amazing with that paint! And your green/orange combos looks so cheery together!

    That drip irrigation system up to the window boxes is genius! Pinning it!
    So glad you joined our Colorful party!

  2. says

    I think the green would be a great color for your screen door! It’s such a cheerful color and looks nice with everything around it.

  3. says

    I love the photo of the orange chair & green bookcase. The colors are just wonderful & scream summer to me.
    I love your sister-in-law’s peacock wreath. She did an awesome job!

  4. says

    Color is always welcome at our home. you have done a great job at adding lots of colors. Love the window box….so beautiful with the flowers spilling over.

  5. says

    Everything looks beautiful at the Crossroads. I love all your color. Jean is great. I would say she is really using her noodle with all that wreathmaking.
    xo Ginger

  6. says

    Yes, Jean’s flowers are lovely!! Love the orange chair and the green shelf, they look great together! Love the wreath too, it is fabulous!

  7. says

    Jane, that orange chair reminds me of my mom! She painted our front door a similar color plus 4 chairs that went around our dining room table. I love the touches of color around your house…so bright and cheery.

  8. Cathy and says

    I’m right there with you about color. I love it as well. As much as I appreciate the homes all decorated in whites, greys, etc. I know I would not be happy living without color. I can see you feel the same. Loved your post.

  9. says

    Love your color! I love the color in the plantings, but I stick with white for my covered porch, I am not brave!
    Yes, the irrigation makes the difference!

  10. says

    I love your chair you painted organge and the green shelf. The adirondack chairs are both pretty and look comfy. Color just makes me happy! We’re so lucky to live in the South where bright days and blue skies are normal for us.

  11. Jean Windham says

    Oh Jane my favorite is the orange chair on the back porch. The color orange goes well with the green around the house and yard. Sister-in-law Jean’s wreath is nice but her window boxes take the prize. Good job to both of you. Jean (the other sister-in-law)

  12. says

    I don’t think I remember ever seeing Leo’s shop. Don’t tell him I said this but I think it’s adorable. :o) The adirondack chairs are awesome too. Great post!

  13. says

    Everything looks very nice, neat and colorful around your place, Jane. I like the green color. How nice that your SIL coordinated her beautiful flowers to match. Heehee. Your outdoor spaces look like a happy place to be.———— Shannon

  14. Linda Miller says

    Jane, thanks for featuring me again this week. The house doesn’t quite look like the photos right now but is full of laughter and lots of love. We’re off today to Rocky Mountain National Park and enjoying every minute of spending time with each other. Maybe, we’ll come home with another souvenir to add to the guest room or a photo or two!

  15. says

    I’m a fan of color too! Someone told me once it was because I was Southern~ I’m pretty sure that was not intended as a compliment :) Love the color of your chairs and your SIL’s gorgeous flowers!

  16. cindy Michael says

    Maybe you can help. I need the paint formula for Bella mint. Lowes and Home Depot can no longer find it to color match. If you still have the paint can top could you send me the formula please?


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